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Let us Help You with Credit Repair

Credit Repair Service Companies in Upper San Gabriel Valley, CA

Upper San Gabriel Valley has a high population, with more than 400,000 residents living there year round. The average family makes about $60,000 a year, but many people are well over $20,000 in debt as a result of the high California cost of living. Homes in Upper San Gabriel Valley sell for about $400,000 and rentals can go for anywhere from $2,000 a month to $4,000.

Credit score problems are a real issue for individuals living in California. The reason for this is often due to expensive living costs, overspending and being delinquent on monthly payments. Raising your credit score can help your financial standing substantially, though it could take years to go from a bad score to an excellent one.

Here are some tips for repairing your score:

Get a Hold of Your Budget

It is practically impossible to manage every single penny that you make, but you can do wonders when creating a budget for your family. The budget should include monthly bills, essentials and groceries. Avoid overspending on frivolous expenses like unnecessary trips to the mall, pampering luxuries or needless spending. If it helps to determine where you need to make cuts, keep your shopping receipts for a week. This will give you a pretty good idea of where your money is going. Go through these receipts and cross out everything that you didn’t need to buy and total these items up. You might be surprised when you realize you’re spending hundreds a week on items you don’t even need but bought anyway.

The only exception to budgeting is when you owe more than you make. Owing too much money only causes a never ending cycle of payments and late fees. You feel as though you’ll never get rid of your debts and you’re struggling to pay for items you really do need. In this case, you need a professional debt consolidator. These individuals are specifically trained to work with heavy debt loads, consolidating them to lower payments and make life more affordable for you.

Dispute Errors and Check Your Report

Your credit report is essentially the guiding light you’ll use to improve your score. The report will tell you what has affected your credit in the past, what has helped it and items that lenders will use to determine your application eligibility. It’s not uncommon for an error to show up on your report, and these need to be disputed immediately to stop the mistake from affecting your credit score. It’s devastating to be denied for a loan just because you have an error on your credit report that was considered during the approval process.

There are three major credit bureaus that deal with organizing reports: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. If there is ever an error on your report, you can contact any of these three bureaus by phone or email. You will need to prove that the report is an error with valid paperwork that backs up your claims. Without the necessary paperwork, the bureau will deny your dispute claim and will keep the item on your report until it naturally drops off in seven years.

For individuals who have been denied a restitution to their report by any of the corresponding credit bureaus, your next option is to contact the company that put the mistake there in the first place. The company could provide further proof to the credit bureaus that your delinquent payments were finalized and are now only seen as an error on your report.

Avoid Credit Repair Scams

You can do a search for credit repair on the internet and be met with dozens of websites claiming that they can repair your score by hundreds of points in a matter of a week or two. These companies are scams and need to be totally avoided to save yourself money and headache. It takes years for your score to increase by hundreds of points, so diligent patience is necessary, not a scam company that makes false promises. However, there are companies on the market that aren’t scams and truly work with their clients to slowly, but surely increase their credit scores. These services are reputable and highly beneficial for individuals struggling to do the work themselves.