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Let us Help You with Credit Repair

Credit Repair Service Companies in Southwest San Gabriel Valley, CA

Southwest San Gabriel Valley is a valley found in California that is home to more than 300,000 people. This gorgeous seaside region has beautiful homes and an alluring countryside landscape. Most homes in the area sell for well over $400,000. A three-bedroom apartment can be found for $3,000 a month. Families living in Southwest San Gabriel Valley earn roughly $50,000 a year, making it difficult to come away with much in the form of disposable income when compared to median house pricing. The cost of living for those residing in Southwest San Gabriel Valley is comparable to the rest of the state, with many residents falling into debt problems. In fact, the average Southwest San Gabriel Valley resident owes $16,000 or more in debt.

Mounting debt problems and endless bills make it difficult for many Californians to obtain a good or excellent credit score. Lenders and banks look at your credit score before anything else when determining your eligibility to get a loan or credit card. If your score goes lower than 650, you’re setting yourself up for failure and an endless sea of denial forms. Repairing your credit takes time, but it’s better to begin working on improving it than to watch it continually decline.

Know Your Score

Before you can do anything with your credit score, you need to know where those numbers fall. Use a service like Credit Karma to check your score for free. This particular company allows you to check your score multiple times throughout the year without your credit taking a hit. With other companies, your credit score will go down by five points each time you check it. If your score is above 650, you fall into the good or excellent range. Anything under 650 and you’re dealing with an average or poor rating that could hinder your ability to receive low-interest loans and credit cards. Having no credit whatsoever is just as bad as having a poor score, so it’s essential to begin building valuable credit right away.

Build Your Credit

Taking out a credit card and making the monthly minimum payment on it will improve your score bit by bit. You can’t expect your score to go up overnight, but showing lenders that you’re responsible enough to pay your bills will help improve your chances of getting better rates. For those with no credit or a bad score, don’t expect to get locked into the best rate right off the bat. Your first credit card might have a ridiculous APR that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. In this case, only use the card to build your credit. Don’t use the card to make routine purchases or to pay off large bills. Because some credit card interest rates could go as high as 30 percent, you don’t want to fall deeper into debt by using a card with this type of interest agreement.

Budget Yourself

If one of the reasons for your bad credit score is mismanaging money and being consistently late on bills, you need to get yourself on a budget. Budgeting can be worthwhile as it will provide you with extra money each month to put towards bills and debts. Paying off those debts will slowly increase your credit score, though this may take five or more years to have any real impact. Make a commitment to avoid frivolous spending and instead of closing out credit cards, avoid using them altogether.

Understand Your Report

When you look at your credit report, there may be things on there that you don’t understand or that you think shouldn’t be there at all. For example, closing out a credit card has a negative impact on your score and will be reflected in your report. If you filed for bankruptcy less than 10 years ago, it will still be seen on your report. While there are some items you can’t do much about, there may come a time when you check your report and see something that you know shouldn’t be there. You will need to dispute these errors with the presiding credit bureaus. If they cannot do anything, you’ll need to contact the company that filed the error.