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Let us Help You with Credit Repair

Credit Repair Service Companies in Bellingham, WA

Credit and debt can by mysterious things, as we almost never share this kind of personal information with others. Therefore, it’s helpful to learn some statistics to understand where you stand relative to others when it comes to credit and debt. Bellingham locals are some of the most innovative people in the country, as evidenced by the city’s thriving art and music scene. Bellingham, located in the great state of Washington has a population of 82,631. There are some interesting facts about Bellingham, and the state of its residents’ credit and finances. According to our data, Bellingham residents have an average credit score of 682, and hold $6,241 in credit card debt, $2,940 in auto loans, and $24,997 in student loan debt. All of this occurs with the average home price in Washington being $277,000. Let’s take a look at how credit repair can help local residents get these numbers to a better place.

The FICO Benefits of Credit Repair

Bellingham residents are a bit below the national average of 690.There are a number of reasons why consumers might consider using credit repair services to help raise their FICO score. Many businesses run credit checks on employees before hiring them to see how well they deal with money. FICO scores are also one of the key deciding components in getting loans for cars and houses. Having a higher FICO score can save you thousands of dollars and get you the best home or car possible.

Need a New Car? Try Credit Repair First

With more than $6,000 in car loans, Bellingham residents are well above the national average in auto debt. One of the most annoying things about shopping for a new car is figuring out how much it will actually cost you to own, once you figure out the interest rates. Credit repair before you apply for financing will help make sure that you get the best possible deal. This can save you thousands of dollars on the total cost of your car, and may be the only way to be eligible for a car loan.