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Let us Help You with Credit Repair

Credit Repair Service Companies in Albuquerque, NM

Your credit score may be one of the most important numbers you keep with you when you own credit cards or have loans in your name. This number affects your interest rates whenever you get accepted for financing or other lines of credit. The credit score depends on how your credit report is judged by the credit reporting agencies. Whenever you use your credit card to buy something expensive and then pay your bill either on time or late, those things all affect how your score appears. Most of the time the activities that show up on this report are accurate to the letter according to you’ve done, but sometimes they have errors that show up.

Why Errors Have To Be Eliminated From Credit Reports

Companies and financial institutions have various reasons for wanting to conduct credit report investigations on you. They want to know if you’re applying for a loan that you’ve had a good reputation for paying it back, and want to make sure that your financial situation looks good. The government has regulations on the reasons for which they can conduct credit investigations on you, so it’s important to know the Fair Credit Reporting Act so that if you feel your rights as a consumer have been violated by a credit check, you can report the party that conducted it and take legal action if necessary. It’s important to note that every time you apply for a loan or credit and are rejected, it will take a hit on your credit score. One error, even small in your credit report could be the difference between getting accepted for financing or financing with very high interest rates.

What To Do When You Find Inaccuracies In Your Report

If you’ve received your report and you see information that’s not correct in it, don’t panic but you do need to take action. First, you need to do an investigation on your accounts to make sure that they haven’t been compromised by identity thieves who could have gotten hold of your credit cards or bank account information and used it for their own criminal purposes. If you do discover such activity, you need to take the appropriate security steps such as getting new cards, changing account numbers and passwords and make sure no spyware is on your computer or mobile device. But you can take further action if you live in Albuquerque, NM.

Credit Repair And New Mexico Laws

New Mexico has a credit protection law that you can take advantage of if there appears to be identity theft on your card, the Credit Report Security Act. If you discover fraud or identity theft, you can request that your credit report be frozen. This will prevent anyone from using your information to apply for loans falsely, and will prevent the dissemination of inaccurate information on your report to any parties trying to perform credit checks.

Credit Repair Companies In Albuquerque Might Help

If you hire a credit repair company in Albuquerque once you’ve found credit report errors, they may be able to get them removed from your file if you’re unable to. They can help you gather evidence and critical documents to prove that the information on file is not accurate, and once they’ve spoken to the credit reporting agencies they’ll try to make sure your report is completely accurate. But you want to make sure that the credit repair company is a reputable one that customers are satisfied with in results.