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Let us Help You with Credit Repair

Credit Repair Service Companies in Atlanta, GA

Sultry summers and cool winters make living in Atlanta appealing, but most people want to know how the cost of living compares to the rest of the country. Real estate is an important topic, and the median home price in Atlanta is rising quickly as the economy bounces back following the downfall of 2008. The median home price in Atlanta is higher than ever at $192,000, which is relatively affordable. The average family brings home $55,733. It’s a good income considering the average for the entire state is more than $4,000 less than it is for families in Atlanta. However, despite the good income and affordable cost of living, many Atlanta residents also live with approximately $16,000 in credit card debt as the national average states. This means most Atlanta residents spend a good chunk of their income on credit card debt, which means many suffer poor credit scores. Now is the time to learn how you can improve your credit score in Atlanta.

Credit Repair

The misconception many Atlanta residents share is a credit repair company changes their credit score for the better by fixing mistakes ad negotiating favors from past creditors. This is not the case with many companies. Instead of checking for mistakes and fixing your credit score with the help you imagine, these companies are using you to get more money. They want you score to go up so you will pay them more. They do this by disputing accurate items on your credit report. Once a dispute is sent to a credit bureau, the bureau’s job is to notify the creditor of the dispute.

This allows the creditor 30 days to dispute the validity of the claim. Since many creditors have millions of customers and offer hundreds of services, many of these dispute letters are put to the side and not answered in a timely fashion. This means the credit bureau is left to assume the dispute is valid and the item is then removed from your credit report. Even if it’s not a true dispute, it’s removed. If it’s disputed by the creditor, the credit repair company simply ignores that dispute and moves on to the next one.

It’s not honest, and it causes problems for you down the road. If ever you do have a valid dispute about your credit, the bureaus are going to consider them frivolous and are less likely to work with you to remove them from the report. If a credit repair company doesn’t get the results they want using that method, they do use another. Some will pay people with excellent credit to add your name to their accounts as an authorized user who has no actual way of spending their money just so you can borrow their good credit. Then they bill you for raising your credit score.

Not All Credit Repair is Bad

Now it’s time to discuss good credit repair. These are companies who do dispute the things that aren’t accurate. For example, if you stopped paying all your credit card bills 8 years ago and they’ve yet to fall off your credit report despite the maximum 7 years passing, you can dispute that. If you’re unable to get the creditors on your account to do this, you can enlist the help of a reputable credit repair company. Reputable companies tend to fall into the following categories:

  • They don’t charge until they raise your score
  • They keep you up-to-date
  • They use only legal means
  • They don’t dispute accurate information

Finding a reputable credit repair agency is as easy as checking with the Better Business Bureau.

Your credit score is important, and it’s time to learn how to make it work for you. It’s time to learn how to raise your score on your own, how to benefit from your financial situation, and what you can do to raise your score the legal way. Pay debts on time, pay off debts, don’t cancel old accounts, and continue to use your cards responsibly. These things do work, and they often make a difference faster than may consumers imagine. Seek help if you need it, but learn to help yourself in the meantime.